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Camps and Retreats

Camps and Retreats

Stoney Creek Ranch in New Ulm, TX:  This camp provides our middle school students with a great camping and spiritual development opportunity.  Like KAA (mentioned below), this camp is specifically designed to serve urban youth and serves as a great gateway for spiritual and social growth at a crucial time in the life of a young teenager.

Kids Across America (KAA) in Golden, MO: For many, KAA is among the highlights of their year- and rightfully so.  Kids Across America is a camp directly targeted and maintained for students who find themselves in an urban setting and in at-risk situations.  Every year, students come back and share how this eight-day experience literally changed their lives.

Spring Retreat:

Taking place in the pine woods near Huntsville, TX, Carolina Creek Christian Camp presents a unique opportunity to bring our youth to a weekend camping retreat designed to “go-deeper” with each of them. The weekend is comprised of team-building, leadership, and spiritual development exercises that cause the students to “think” through their experiences and to seek a better, more fulfilling life.

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